Welcome to FAME MONSTER:


Unleash Your Projector Magnetism

If you're tired of lurking in the shadows while your brilliance goes unnoticed, it's time to unleash your inner FAME MONSTER


Embrace Your Iconic Visibility.

Embark on a transformative journey where authenticity becomes your greatest magnet. Radiate resonance, captivate your audience, and redefine success on your terms. Your iconic visibility awaits.

During FAME MONSTER you will:

  • Craft Your Magnetic Persona: Elevate your fame game by aligning with your Projector aura, creating a magnetic presence that attracts genuine invitations and opportunities.
  • Master the Art of Resonance: Dive into Projector-centric strategies to ensure your visibility isn't just seen but deeply felt, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.
  • Navigate the Fame Terrain: Learn to maneuver the landscape of fame with grace and authenticity, utilizing your unique Projector strengths to shine in the spotlight effortlessly.

Unleash your authentic self in FAME MONSTER, where success isn't just measured in recognition but also resonates with your true essence.

Elevate beyond visibility— transform into an authentic, magnetic force the world can't help but notice.

There's just one problem:

Your magnetic charm is being overlooked.

  • You're wrestling with being seen: Struggling to shine with the right charisma for magnetic impact.
  • You're juggling success: Seeking effortless leadership in a world that demands constant hustle.
  • You're in burnout's shadow: Navigating the fine line between success and overwhelming exhaustion.
  • You're a frustrated visionary: Feeling unfulfilled in your current success, craving a shift toward extraordinary achievement + ease.
  • You're yearning for resonance: Desiring a genuine connection with the world that goes beyond mere "recognition".

Here's the reality:

You need more than generic Human Design guidance.

FAME MONSTER is personalized mentorship tailored to Human Design Projectors' extraordinary success. Each call is strategically designed to align + embolden you, so that you confidently create continual success.



FAME MONSTER transforms Human Design Projectors into magnetic, authentic ICONS. Redefine success through visibility, resonance, and impactful self-expression. Unleash your extraordinary charisma.


 Tailored guidance for success, magnetism, and authentic brilliance.

4 Mentorship Calls

Epic Strategy Sessions: 4 personalized calls sculpting your unique magnetism, presence, and prosperity.

8 weeks voxer support

Continuous VIP Access: 8 weeks of personalized Voxer (walkie-talkie app) support for unstoppable success.

countless breakthroughs

Unleash iconic success: Personalized strategy, resilience, and authenticity redefine your Projector journey.


Everything you need to Ignite Unstoppable Success:

call 1

Brilliance Blueprint Session

Unleash your projector magnetism! On this call, we dive deep into your unique Projector gifts, strengths, dreams, and challenges. Guided by a strategic and spiritual lens, we co-create a soul-aligned plan that propels you towards your goals.

  • Illuminate your Projector strengths and unique gifts.
  • Dive into your dreams with a spiritual and strategic perspective.
  • Unearth your challenges, transforming them into stepping stones to success.

Radiant Client Alchemy

Uncover your authentic resonance! In this electrifying session, we delve into your soulmate audience, pinpointing where to find them and crafting strategies to magnetize authentic, lasting invitations.

  • Define your soul-aligned audience with precision.
  • Discover optimal channels to connect authentically with your audience.
  • Develop strategies to build lasting and magnetic rapport. 
call 3

Magnetic Offer Mastery

Craft your next offerings with precision! In this session, we map out the exact services and products that align with your brilliance, effortlessly satisfying your soulmate clients.

  • Define soul-aligned offerings for maximum resonance.
  • Strategically plan the sequence of your next offerings.
  • Ensure your services seamlessly satisfy your soulmate clients.
call 4

Sovereign Boundaries Unleashed

Elevate your energetic boundaries to attract abundance effortlessly. In this session, we tailor and strengthen your energetic boundaries, ensuring a continuous flow of abundance  without the drain of exhaustion or overwhelm.

  • Personalized Projector strategies fortifying energetic and business boundaries.
  • Techniques to continually attract wealth without exhaustion.
  • Eliminate burnout, allowing prosperity with ease. 


You will...

  • Banish your fear of visibility so that you can lead authentically + magnetize the recognition you deserve.
  • STOP settling for less. Attract dream invitations aligned with your greatest vision.
  • Transform financial exhaustion into prosperity. Discover strategies tailored for Projectors to ensure money flows in consistently and abundantly.
  • Leave competitors in the dust. FAME MONSTER provides Projector-specific strategies to position yourself as the leader, making competitors wonder, "How does she do that?"

How your FAME MONSTER journey begins

Once you register:

1. submit birth information

Submit your birth day, time + location for your most accurate Human Design reading.

2. schedule your calls

Book FAME MONSTER calls through our user-friendly platform, ensuring personalized guidance fits seamlessly into your restful Projector life.

3. set up Voxer conversation

Connect to your personalized, on-the-go support system. Because breakthroughs don't wait for schedules; they happen now.

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • Personal Human Design Projector Success Reading
  • 4-Success strategy mentorship calls
  • Intuitive guidance + support
  • Sacred success strategy
  • 8 weeks of Voxer access

2 payments of


  • Personal Human Design Projector Success Reading
  • 4-Success strategy mentorship calls
  • Intuitive guidance + support
  • Sacred success strategy
  • 8 weeks of Voxer access

Hey Goddess,

I'm L.

Mystic, medicine woman + seasoned Human Design Projector guide.

Join me in unraveling your unique design through bold teachings, that blend spiritual energy work with ancient wisdom.

As a mystic and medicine woman with decades in spiritual mentorship, I've guided countless global visionaries towards success through alignment, not burnout or hustle.

Embark on a transformative journey, awakening your divine power and unlocking a roadmap to extraordinary success tailored just for you. Embrace authenticity, set boundaries for your sanity, and become the radiant Goddess you're destined to be.

Are you ready to transform your life and business?

Picture this: Success as a natural extension of your unique design, invitations flowing effortlessly, and a life that resonates with your purpose. It's not just about DOING; it's about BEING.

Let's dive into the heart of your success story, crafting a narrative where you, as a Projector, shine brightly, guided by your true design. Discover the ease of success and the fulfillment that follows when you align with your authentic self.

Projector energy is Goddess energy. Let's tap into it together and redefine your path to abundance, success, and everyday ease. Are you ready?

This is for you if:

  • Magnetic Ambition: You're a Projector craving magnetic visibility and authentic recognition.
  • Iconic Visionary: You crave more than conventional success; FAME MONSTER will amplify your unique Projector charisma and authentic resonance.
  • Luxurious Visibility: You're a Projector seeking success with easeFAME MONSTER offers a luxurious path to becoming an icon in your field.
  • Strategic Impact: FAME MONSTER is your secret weapon for creating resonance and influence with effortless magnetism.

This is not for you if:

  • Contentment in Obscurity: You're satisfied staying in the shadows and avoiding recognition.
  • Fear of Charismatic Power: The idea of embracing your magnetic charisma terrifies you.
  • Preference for Mediocrity: You're comfortable with a level of success that doesn't demand authentic visibility.
  • Avoiding Self-Reflection: You're not open to introspection or personalized strategies to overcome your specific Projector challenges.

Real talk, projector goddess

Time to seize your deepest  desires + transform your visions into reality.

In FAME MONSTER, you experience a metamorphosis and cosmic realignment tailored to Human Design Projectors. Embrace your essence, redefine success, and become the resonant force that effortlessly attracts abundance. Your transformation begins here.

Because it's not just about desire; it's about quantum shifts, a magnetic journey where you step into the brilliance that awaits. Welcome to your extraordinary transformation!

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  • Iconic visibility tailored for Human Design Projectors.
  • Soul-aligned strategies for business + personal success.
  • Unshakeable confidence in your authentic self + unique gifts.
Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • Personal Human Design Projector Success Reading
  • 4-Success strategy mentorship calls
  • Intuitive guidance + support
  • Sacred success strategy
  • 8 weeks of Voxer access

2 payments of


  • Personal Human Design Projector Success Reading
  • 4-Success strategy mentorship calls
  • Intuitive guidance + support
  • Sacred success strategy
  • 8 weeks of Voxer access

I believe:

Projectors were born to be seen. Aligned invitations are inevitable for embodied Projectors. Being recognized + invited is first nature when a Projector is living their design. Projectors are natural success magnets. Projectors are the best guides for Projectors.