Hi, I'm L., your Projector Whisperer.

Mystic, medicine woman, and 5/1 Splenic Projector

Dive into my transformative teachings blending bold spiritual insight with sacred ancient wisdom, specially crafted for the modern Projector like you, so that you can create success with ease.

With decades of experience guiding global visionaries, from entrepreneurs to artists, academics and even some of your favorite celebrities, I've helped a diversity of leaders embrace success through alignment, steering clear of burnout and hustle.

Join me on a journey of profound self-discovery through human design, self-leadership, and unlocking your divine power. Craft your unique path, embrace authenticity, and lead effortlessly.

Your roadmap to extraordinary success is here—welcome to your Projector paradise! ❤️‍🔥

I believe... 

The more Projectors rest, the more money we make. Boundaries are not only essential but sacred for Projector success. Projector energy is Goddess energy, a potent force to be embraced.

Recognizing and embracing your natural success magnetism is the key to a thriving, fulfilling life. I believe embodied Projectors have no competition. 

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